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Swedish Remedial Massage

CIBTAC Diploma in Body Massage.

Course fees $2500.00

Students are unable to borrow loans or allowances from StudyLink for Post Graduate Courses. A Payment plan can be discussed with the Principle on acceptance into the course. Most trading banks will also assist students with courses of study to cover fees and costs related to their course. International exam fees are additional extra.


20 weeks Commencing January & July annually


1 half day per week – Thursday 1.30pm to 4.00pm

Pre Requisite(s)

Beautician Diploma.
First Aid Certificate  - Unit Standards 26551, 26552. (6400, 6401,6402)
Pre-requisite for CIBTAC Body Massage - To gain the CIBTAC Body Massage Diploma, students need to hold the CIBTAC Anatomy and Physiology Diploma. This can be done at the same time as the Body Massage Course.

Course Description

Because there is a high demand for Massage we have designed a Therapeutic Massage Course covering Body Massage. This course is offered as a block course.

International Exam Fees

Body Massage $300.00
If a student wishes to resit a CIBTAC Exam, the charge is split between theory and practical.
Resit Body Massage Theory $150.00, Practical $150.00

Course Outline Includes:

Holistic Approach to Massage

Working environment, Ethics Hygiene & Preparation, Adaptation of Massage Movements, Contra-indications, Body Analysis - Diet - Cellulite, Body Type - Endomorph - Mesomorph - Ectomorph.
5 Classifications of Movement: Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Frictions, Vibrations.

Massage Techniques

Rhythm - Depth - Hands - Massage Medium - Applying Oil - Stance Heat Treatments - Sauna.

History of Massage

Equipment, Aroma Massage, Anatomy & Physiology - Skeletal System - Muscular Systems - Circulatory Systems - Lymphatic Systems Physiological effects on the body.


All prices are valid as of 1st January 2017